GRASAG National Committtees / Commissions

The National Graduate Students' Association of Ghana has various committees that work around the clock to host events and spearhead various initiatives towards improving the services and functionality of the association. Each committee has multiple meetings a year to discuss relevant student issues and concerns. Below you can find all our committees, including a short description of what each committee does. GRASAG National is excited to introduce this year’s committee members that are committed to taking on the responsibilities of leading these committees to success.

The Gender Commission consists of the entire Gender/Women's Commissioners of all member institutions and two (2) other males appointed by senate. The Gender Commission is responsible for gender related issues such as the integration and participation of female graduate students in GRASAG's activities. The Gender Commission advocates gender issues, promotes higher female education at the national and international level. The Commission may liaise with the Ministry for Gender Affairs to help in addressing the challenges of female students in the country.

The Projects and Programmes Committee consists of three (3) members appointed at the first Senate session and chaired by the Organizing Coordinator. The committee is responsible for all the projects and programmes of GRASAG contained in the GRASAG Policy Document. The members of the Committee may perform other functions as may be assigned by the NEC and Senate.

The Reserach Committee is a five-member committee constituted by the NEC with the approval of Senate. The Research Committee is charged with managing the research fund of GRASAG. The Research Committee shall prepare a working document which shall receive endorsement of NEC and approval from Senate to guide the disbursement and the research fund of GRASAG. The committee shall ensure the publication of three academic paper in each given year.

The Finance Committee is a three-member committee chaired by the Financial Controller of GRASAG. The members of the Finance Committee have an appreciable knowledge of financial issues. The Chairperson of the Finance Committee is a signatory to all payment vouchers in accordance with the GRASAG Constitution. The Finance Committee together with NEC prepares and presents a comprehensive financial statement to Congress. The Finance Committee is responsible for the implementation of GRASAG's financial policy. In furtherance of good financial management and practices, the finance committee provides advice on managing the deposits and accounts of GRASAG other than stated under the constitution.

The Audit Committee is a three (3) member committee appointed by Senate. The members of the Audit Committee have an appreciable knowledge in auditing and accounting. The Audit Committee audits all GRASAG accounts and presents same to congress.

The Electoral Commission consists of the Electoral Commissioner appointed by the President in consultation with NEC and with the approval of Senate; two deputies appointed by Senate in consultation with NEC; and two other members appointed by the NEC in consultation with Senate and with the approval of Senate. The Electoral Commission conducts and supervises all elections and referenda of GRASAG. The Commission in consultation with the NEC compiles the register of voters and revises it at such periods as may be determined by law as well as educating the people on the electoral process and its purpose. There is a representative of the Electoral Commission in every member institution who is the Electoral Commissioner of that institution and performs functions as assigned to him/her by the Commission.

The Vetting Committee is constituted by the Electoral Commission in consultation with NEC and with the approval of Senate at the last senate session before Congress. The vetting committee consist of five (5) members including two (2) Elder Statesmen and three (3) GRASAG members from different member institutions. The Vetting Committee in consultation with the Electoral commission is responsible for ensuring that candidates for NEC elections satisfy the requirements provided for in the GRASAG constitution, or regulations as shall be published by the Electoral Commission. The Vetting Committee in consultation with the electoral commission shall publish the list of aspirant for NEC positions at least (2) weeks to the vetting through Member Institutions and on GRASAG website and any other medium. The Vetting Committee has the power to recommend or disqualify a person's candidature after vetting, based on constitutionally justifiable grounds in accordance with provisions of the GRASAG Constitution.

The Judicial Council of GRASAG comprises the Judicial Council Chairperson and Two (2) deputies, preferably Law students who are appointed by the President in consultation with NEC with prior approval by Senate, two (2) other members who are appointed by Senate, one (1) of whom shall be an Elder Statesmen. The Judicial Council exercises exclusive jurisdiction in matters provided for within the GRASAG Constitution including but not limited interpretation and enforcement of the GRASAG Constitution, matters of disputes including electoral disputes, swearing in of elected and appointed officers of GRASAG, and matters as to whether resolutions as whether a person or group of person has/have allegedly acted ultra vires to the powers conferred on them by the Constitution. The Judicial Council has appellate jurisdiction over all matters or dispute that arises from the Judicial Council of a member institution and in such disputes the Judicial Council shall without prejudice to any provision of the GRASAG constitution be guided by, inter alia the constitution of the institution from which the appeal emanates from. The Judicial Council has supervisory jurisdiction over all Judicial Councils of member Institutions.

The Office of the Legal Affairs Commission consists of the Legal Affairs Commissioner and two (2) deputy commissioners preferably law students, who are appointed by the President in consultation with NEC with prior approval by Senate. The Legal Affairs Commission serves as an Attorney-General of GRASAG and is the principal legal adviser to all the organs of GRASAG other than the Judicial Commission. The Legal affairs commission represents GRASAG in all Legal disputes.The Commission is responsible for the initiation and conduct of all prosecutions of all offences against GRASAG on the instruction of NEC, Senate or congress or any person acting under the authority of NEC, Senate or Congress.