About GRASAG National

Who we are

The Graduate Students’ Association of Ghana (GRASAG) is a non-profit organization registered under the Companies Code, 1963 (Act 179). It was started in the year 1993 to promote, improve and coordinate postgraduate studies and the lives of the students pursuing these studies in all tertiary institutions in the country. The association also champions the course of member institutions in fighting for their rights and privileges in the laws of Ghana or the statutes establishing the respective universities of members. It’s an objective of the association to collaborate with other student associations and unions in the country and elsewhere in matters of mutual interest as well as organizing programmes and activities which promotes the welfare of members.

The National Graduate Students Association of Ghana represents the collective interests of all graduate students in the various universities to thier respective University governing bodies, all levels of government and the country at large. GRASAG National is dedicated to providing advocacy and support to all members across various graduate programmes in the country. GRASAG currently operates local chapters in sixteen (16) public and private universities with local representatives (Executives) on all important boards/committees of their respective universities including the highest decision making body (University Council).

Our numerical strength in membership stands at about 30,000 being a sum of all students pursuing all forms of postgraduate studies in Ghana.

Motto: Partners in National development through research and practice.

Slogan: Graduate Students, the panacea to development.

Global aims and objectives

  • Seek the academic, social and general welfare of its members.
  • The objective of GRASAG is to provide a forum for members to discuss issues of mutual interest and benefit.
  • Keep and utilize all relevant records of members.
  • Champion the course of members in fighting for their rights and privileges as the laws of Ghana and or the statutes of the Member Institutions may dictate.
  • Collaborate with other students' associations, professional bodies and any other groups on issues of mutual academic interest which are beneficial to its members and any other relevant issues as determined by the National Executive Committee.

Educational objectives

  • The Association shall endeavour to safeguard all the educational objectives that accrue or may accrue to members under Article 38 of The 1992 Constitution; and shall where fully convinced of a course of action, take legal steps under the laws of Ghana to enforce such rights of members that must be safeguarded, promoted and enhanced for a fuller realization of members’ educational objectives.
  • In pursuance of members’ educational aspirations, the Association shall employ all technologically compatible means to further entrepreneurship, leadership development and skill training where necessary.

Social and political objectives

  • The political character of GRASAG shall be democratic and aspire to entrench the dictates of rule of law, freedom, respect for dignity, prohibition of discrimination and prejudices on any grounds whatsoever, and shall accord just and equitable access to all members in the allocation of resources for their advancement.
  • For the purpose of the organic growth of this Constitution, the aspirations listed in clause (1) are not exhaustive and may include all aspirations as are consistent with the domestic and international practices that ensure progressive enjoyment of rights and freedoms of the individual.


A person admitted into a postgraduate programme in a recognized institution in Ghana and has paid his/her dues, shall be a member of GRASAG.

Graduate students who have completed their studies with any of the Member Institution shall have the right as full member of the association for a period of one year and therefore shall enjoy full benefits.

Any Ghanaian national who is pursuing a postgraduate program abroad qualifies to be an affiliate member and may register with GRASAG.

A person who has completed his/her postgraduate studies may be accorded Honorary Membership upon submission of a written application to GRASAG.

Duties of a member

The aspiration to promote and safeguard the rights and liberties of members of GRASAG is inseparable from the performance of duties and obligations required of a reasonable member and shall accordingly be the duty of every member to, among others- .

  • be a law abiding citizen of Ghana
  • promote the good name and respect for the authority of GRASAG
  • uphold and defend the Constitution of GRASAG
  • protect and preserve the property of GRASAG
  • contest and expose the misuse and waste of GRASAG funds and property
  • promptly and honestly pay all dues and levy obligations for the smooth running of the Association
  • ensure the well-being of other members of GRASAG

Protection of members

  • GRASAG shall protect the welfare and right of the members in line with the GRASAG constitution and constitution of Ghana.
  • For the avoidance of any doubts, the National Executive Committee shall have the basic responsibility of safeguarding the welfare and protecting the rights of members.